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2018 Courses:  £175, plus VAT per space*
2019 Courses:  £180, plus VAT per space*

*Spaces can apply to both delegates and courses. For example, a booking of three spaces could be for one person to attend three different courses or for three people to attend the same course (or for any other appropriate delegate / course combination). 

*Spaces are Transferable. For example, a delegate may be unable to attend a course and their employer may wish to transfer their space to another member of staff (rather than cancelling). Spaces can be transferred free of charge and the employer (or delegate) simply needs to let us know the details of the person replacing them.


Book 2 spaces - £30 discount
Book 3 spaces - £40 discount 
Book 4 spaces - £70 discount 
Book 5-6 spaces - £130 discount 
Book 7-9 spaces - £180 discount
Book 10+ spaces - £220 discount

Discounts are applied automatically at check out.

In case of queries, contact: 07501-089143 or





07501-089143 (main website) (training)



In addition to public courses, we also provide IN-SERVICE training. We can visit you and your staff where you work and deliver a wide range of courses on site. We work with OT services, Home Improvement Agencies, Disability Groups and other organisations throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

To download a copy of our In-House Training Pack, click HERE.

To visit our In-Service Training web page, click HERE.  


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